Design with a Purpose

Landscape Design makes a world of difference, and speaks a lot about you. The plants and structures that surround your home reflect your taste, your pleasures, your activities, your personality, and your planning.

Why tolerate a yard that isn’t living up to its promise? Say your garden is uninspired: you don’t get that special lift when you stride into you entryway. Or say its lawn-heavy; you’re oppressed by moving chores every weekend.

Say it’s inconvenient: no vine-draped terrace invites you to cool off and relax on a hot summer day. Even say it’s unfriendly, lacking an eating and entertaining space that would encourage friends to gather in your garden. But don’t despair. All of these negatives can be turned into a positive with some thoughtful landscape design.

Landscaping, of course, takes some work. It calls for planning, money, work, and time. But proper planning produces results that will serve your needs for years to come. And not every expenditure of money, work, time and thought gives such a lasting satisfaction.

Making the Outdoors Livable

Contemporary landscape design has evolved to reflect homeowners’ desires to cook, entertain, and live outdoors. Often our clients have found that their existing garden was not designed for outdoor living or their needs. There was no privacy; tables and chairs poked holes in the lawn; the sun was too hot; the wind too strong, the evenings too chilly.

It has become clear to many of our clients that  if the same kind of living is to take place outdoors as indoors the same problems need to be solved - furniture arrangement; pathways for circulation; patio materials and scale; walls (or fences or hedges) for privacy; and climate control. The goal of landscape design is not only for beauty but also for comfort and function. It may mean paving a patio, constructing a deck, devising a wind of sun screen, installing lights, or building a roof overhead. Regardless of your unique needs our designers will work with you to make your garden more livable and function for you in your style.

Landscape Design Bocce

Garden Design

The well thought out landscape design here satisfies 8 goals for these active homeowners.

1.  Recreation

The garden for this active family is centered on a bocce court and a generously sized lawn.

2. Comfort

A generous sized wood trellis providing shade during hot afternoons.

3. Flexibility

When the fire pit is not being used it can be covered for games and informal dining.

4. Entertaining

Meals and parties take place on the unit paving patio beneath suspended string lights.

5. Food Production

Raised beds provide plenty of space for winter and summer vegetable gardening.

6. Ease of Maintenance

A steel mowing strip boarding the lawn simplifies grass cutting.

7.  Privacy

Planted hedges along the property line provide screening from neighboring homes.

8. Seasonality

Specimen trees aligned with existing windows provide seasonal interest in the home and garden.