Get your design in 4 simple steps.

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1. Tell Us About

Create your style profile by taking our Style Questionnaire. This step provides us with the design aesthetics you like. In this step, tell us as much or as little as you want about your ideal project; snap a few photos of your landscape and send them to us so we can create your base plan.

2. Base Plan

Your designer will send you a base plan of your existing landscape based on satellite images, your photos, and exact measurements. You can view and approve or change any and all features on this initial plan.


3. Review Draft Design.

You will receive an initial concept design(s) for you to review, comment and discuss over the phone or through a web meeting. Your designer then will make as many changes or edits that you request.

4. Get your Final Design!

Your Designer will send you your final personalized concept design incorporating all your feedback and requests. With your plan in hand you are now ready to start your new landscape!

3D Renderings are included with your design

3D Renderings are included with your design

Additional Information

How much of a time commitment is it on my part?

The goal is to make transforming your personalized landscape easy and fun! You’ll begin the process by completing our Style Quiz. This allows you to explain your style preferences, submit photos and measurements of your space, images of what you like. From there, our designers will get to work. After you receive your base plan for approval, you will receive an initial design on which you can comment as much as you’d like.

What is the general timeline for a project?

Once we've received photos and measurements of your space, you can typically expect to receive your draft designs within 7-10 days. After a phone meeting or email correspondence with your designer, you can expect another week to receive your final design. If your project has a strict or specific timeline email us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Bring it to life

With your design in hand you are now ready to construct your new landscape yourself, or hire a contractor to bring your design to life. 


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