What is Think Outside Design?

Think Outside is a mobile-based landscape design service that connects homeowners with a personal designer to provide custom professional conceptual designs and advice — in your style and within your budget! Whether you already have an idea or don’t know where to start, you will get a beautiful landscape design concept for thousands less than traditional landscape design services. You will have the opportunity to review, comment, and discuss with your designer 1-on-1 over the phone or via email to ensure that your final design creates a one-of-a-kind beautiful outdoor space that will bring value to your home.

How does it work?

Our process is as simple as 1, 2, 3...4!

1.      Build your style profile by taking our Style Questionnaire, providing feedback on design aesthetics you like and dislike, sharing photos you are drawn to, and telling us as much as you’d like about your ideal project.

2.    Snap a few photos of your landscape from your mobile phone and email them to us. We’ll then create a base plan of your existing landscape based on photos, existing base plan (if available) and satellite images for your review. 

3.    See your space redesigned! One of our expert designers will share an initial design concept that you can review and comment on. (Our designers will make any changes you request.)

4.    Get your Final Design! Your designer will send you your final personalized concept design that incorporates all your feedback from the Draft Design. With your plan in hand you are now ready to build your landscape yourself, or consult a local contractor to bring your space to life.

What is the Style Questionnaire?

The Style Questionnaire is a fast and easy series of questions with visuals that allow you to uncover your design tastes and preferences. This process helps our designers understand the important parts of your ideal landscape. Once you finalize and send back your questionnaire you will be paired with a compatible designer who will get to work to create your landscape concepts.

How much of a time commitment is it on my part?

The goal is to make transforming your personalized landscape easy and fun! You’ll begin the process by completing our Style Questionnaire. This allows you to illustrate your style preferences, submit photos and measurements of your space, images of what you like. From there, our designers will get to work. After you receive your base plan for approval, you will receive an initial design on which you can comment as much as you’d like.

What is the general timeline for a project?

Once we've received photos and measurements of your space, you can typically expect to receive your draft designs within 7-10 days. After a phone meeting or email correspondence with your designer, you can expect another week to receive your final design. If your project has a strict or specific timeline email us and we may be able to accommodate.


What makes Think Outside unique compared to other landscape design services?

Landscape design services can be costly and time consuming. Think Outside has created a simplified and online based process that makes getting custom professional quality landscape designs affordable, fast, and fun.  With Think Outside Design you will receive more than just pretty images that to aspire to – you get a professional customized concept plans personalized for you. 



How do I communicate with my designer during the process?

You can communicate with your designer as much or as little as you’d like! You will hear from your designer within 24 hours of your purchase to begin the process. We know some customers might not have the time or need for detailed communication. We also understand that some may want a closer, more interactive relationship with the designer, where you can bounce ideas off one another. Either way, we will accommodate your preference. We will notify you via email through all the important stages of your design process.


Can I keep any plants, furniture or materials I already own in my designs?

Absolutely! We can incorporate products you already own or even products you’ve been eying. Just let us know when completing your Style Questionnaire what you would like us to work with and around.


I live outside the United States - can Think Outside design my space?

We absolutely can!


Who are will be my Designer?

Based on the feedback you provide in your Style Questionnaire, you will then be matched with one of our designers with a compatible design aesthetic. Our landscape designers have experience working all over the world on projects ranging from residential to theme parks and world class resorts. Based on the scale and complexity of your project, you will be matched with a designer committed to creating a custom design you will love.


How much does it cost?

Depending on your needs, we offer design packages starting at $699. See our services page for exact figures.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay (on a supported device.)


Why should I buy design services from Think Outside Design?

Our Simplified process makes getting professional landscape design for your home fun, fast, AND affordable! Because we have been able to streamline the design process we are able to create conceptual landscape design plans for thousands less than traditional studios. With our secure shopping cart, you can choose your services and pay in one place. If you’re not sure what service you need, our Customer Success team is here to help assess which service is best for you or if a custom proposal would better fit your needs.


How does buying through Think Outside work?

Our goal is to make getting professional landscape design concepts as simple as possible. Simply select the service you would like and check out. From there, Think Outside will provide you with your Style Questionnaire in order to determine your needs and style preferences. Then you will be connected with your personal designer who will work with you to create your design.


How do I tell Think Outside additional details about my particular needs?

Along the design process, there will be many opportunities for you to convey your design dreams with us! You will be able to email your designer at any point in the process. Our Customer Success team can always be reached at info@ThinkOutsideDesign.com


What is my Project Image board?

You Project Image Board is collection of photos your designer will specially curate for you to illustrate examples of the materials and ideas in your plan. When you receive your draft design plans, your designer will include a link to your personal image board.



What photos do you need of my space?

In order to create an accurate and functional plan, we'll need at least a few photos. We recommend taking photos from your smartphone in landscape orientation, and in daylight.


How do I send the photos to Think Outside?

Once you've finished taking your photos, simply send us a link to a file sharing site, album, or email them to us directly with your project address to Info@ThinkOutsideDesign.com . Your designer will review the photos to make sure we have enough information from you in order to get started building your base plan. If more information is needed, your designer will send you a note (typically within 24-48 hours).


Is there a maximum amount of photos I can send?

Send as many photos as you like. Anywhere from 8-20 photos of your space should be enough for your designer to analyze the existing conditions.


Does my space have to be clean/empty?

Absolutely not! As long as nothing is blocked (we need to get a good sense of your space) then it doesn't matter how many toys are strewn across the yard or empty plant pots are in the image. Those will be magically erased and replaced when your designs are ready.


How do I know my yard dimensions?

If you have a floor plan with dimensions, that makes things easy, so just send that on over! If not, grab a tape measure and measure the length and width of the space from a corner of the house. And if you don’t have a tape measure, our designers will be able to create a base plan for you to verify based on high quality aerial imagery.


How can I reach Think Outside?

Reach out to our Customer Success team anytime at info@ThinkOutsideDesign.com


How do I give Think Outside user feedback?

We always want to hear what you have to say! If you have anything to share, feel free to send a note to info@ThinkOutsideDesign.com


How do I give Landscape Design as a gift?

Simply purchase the service you would like to give as a gift and include the contact information and address for the recipient. Our team will take care of the rest.